2 Person Floaty Options

On a hot summer day, nothing is better than going for a dip in the swimming pool. Whether you're splashing around with your friends, sunbathing on the deck or simply cooling down after an intense game of volleyball, being in the water is always therapeutic and enjoyable. But why not take it one step further? With two person floaties available now at many different poolsides, you can instantly make your everyday pool experience even more fun! Here we'll discuss two of the most popular floats you should consider adding to your next poolside adventure – so get ready to transform relaxing into an exciting excursion!

Inflatable Pool Loungers

Inflatable pool loungers are the lazy person's way to relax in the sun. In just minutes, you can have your own paradise sans commitment. There's no need to break a sweat setting up your summer sanctuary because all you have to do is inflate and relax! When it comes time to rethink your tan, simply deflate and let the air out - you'll be on your way without wasting any time. Sure, there are plenty of other poolside options. However, nothing beats an inflatable lounger for easy set-up and almost effortless relaxation when it comes down to it.

Giant Inflatable Unicorn

Giant inflatable unicorns are a must-have for every pool party. Enjoy the summer sun while you lounge on this two person floaty, with enough room to fit your best friend as well! Besides being great for a get-together, these oversized unicorns create a perfect ambiance in any pool. Adorable and intricate details make this inflatable one of a kind. They will be sure to grab attention all around the swimming area. Plus, it's easier to take out than a real-life unicorn! The vibrant colors and larger size of these unicorn floats make them the ideal option to liven up an outdoor event.

Floating Water Mat

A floating water mat can be the perfect addition to a hot summer day spent by the lake. The extra-large size can provide enough surface area to hold multiple people, adding a bit of fun to the day, whether used for sunbathing or as a creative way to navigate around the lake on an exciting adventure. Constructed from high-quality foam, this mat can easily support several individuals. It can even be used for light activities such as aquatic yoga or an easy stand-up paddleboard session. Its affordable price and multifunctional uses can help bring your lake days from good to great.

Inner Tubes 

Inner tubes are ideal if you're looking for some laid back fun on a hot summer day. Whether you're headed out to the lake or simply hanging out in your backyard pool, inner tubes are affordable among the diverse 2-person floaty options available. While many of these 2-person floaties come with seats and double handles, opting for inner tubes will still let you lounge around like a champ. Whether it's accompanied by a boat or just used as is, inner tubes make for a classic day in the sun!

Pool Noodles 

Pool noodles are a great way to cool off during the summer season. They come in various shapes, colours, and sizes to please everyone's tastes. Not only are they great for relaxing, but they can also be used for some fun games. When playing 2-player games, there are two floaty options: single noodles or two larger noodles attached with foam connectors. Between swimming races and other water challenges, these foam-based options provide hours of entertainment. So this season, get out of the house and make a splash with an old classic - pool noodles!


A raft is an ideal solution if you're looking for a floaty option for two or more people. Rafts are usually the biggest option and come in numerous different sizes to accommodate 2, 4 or even eight people! But it's not just the size that counts when choosing the perfect inflatable for 2+; stability is key. Rafts tend to be one of the most stable options available due to their larger design and wide surface area, making them a great choice if you want something you can relax on while in the water with others.

Water Wings/Swimmies

Swimmies, or water wings, are the perfect way to keep kids safe while learning to swim. They come in two floaty options: arm bands or adjustable straps with buckles. Arm bands provide a great deal of buoyancy and are perfect for smaller children, as they'll never lose them as long as their arms are in them! Straps can also help provide lots of buoyancy, yet with the bonus of adjustable buckles, which fit comfortably around the arms and torso while being more secure than armbands. No matter which option you choose, water wings will make swimming fun and relaxing for any child or adult who wants to feel like a kid again!

How To Take Care Of Your Floaties When They're Not In Use

Taking good care of your floaties when you're not using them will help extend their lifespan and make for safer, more enjoyable, and more reliable experiences when you are. In between uses, thorough cleaning with a bleach solution and gentle scrubbing should be done to remove any debris, dirt, or other materials clinging to the surface that could harm you or the floaties over time. Additionally, storing them in a dry area away from direct sunlight is key, as ultraviolet light can damage surfaces if left exposed too long. Folding the floaties correctly and storing them in a bag will keep them compact and protected while they're out of the water, enabling you to get the most life out of your floaties without sacrificing quality when the time comes to use them again.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of 2-person floaty you choose for your next summer adventure, pick one that fits the occasion. Whether it's a floating water mat for an exciting day on the lake or inner tubes for more laidback fun in the pool, there are plenty of options! If you're looking to keep kids safe while they learn to swim, then swimmies or water wings will do just fine. With these classic and innovative floaty choices available now,make this season one to remember with unforgettable days spent lounging around in style!