Summer Inflatables For Kids

Soon after the snow has melted, the flowers will start to bloom, and the sun will shine bright again. Kids will be out of school or maybe out of their room since classes are done online. Being at home for quite some time could make their daily routine a little bit boring. It is not like when they are going out for school where they look forward to meeting and playing with their friends. Summer is all about fun when it comes to children. There is no room for downtime. It seems like they are making the most of the energy they have been keeping themselves during the school year. It is good to have this energy resulted in productive work. You must keep their hands and body busy on something that they would enjoy. One effective way is to plan a great vacation. 


The past summer may be a little hard for them due to the protocols being implemented due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus. However, as the situation gets better, the upcoming year can be a little fun for them. Given that the weather during those times will be hot, activities to beat the heat should not be missed. Since going out is not encouraged these days, beaches are crossed out from the list. But bringing inflatables in your yard can give the same refreshing feeling. Inflatable pools are the most common type of it.


Types of Inflatables You Might Be Interested With


Kids will definitely love to enjoy fun and exciting pool parties. Whether it is simple or a bit lavish, it will surely create a significant and meaningful impact on their experience. Below are some of the inflatables you might want to purchase for your kids. Make sure to consider the quality and customers reviews when you buy any of the following inflatables.


Inflatable Yard Sprinkler


Sprinklers are often used to water the field in public parks. Kids find them amusing to watch, and sometimes they want to play with them. You may have seen them running around and chasing the water. Some public parks offer water playgrounds because of it. Building one in your yard is a lot of work, but if you can have it in an instant, why not try inflatable yard sprinklers? Depending on what design you will pick, it can stand up to 6 feet tall. It can vary from unicorns, dinosaurs, and fruits like watermelons. For unicorns, the water comes out from the horns. While in dinosaurs, they shower either from their nose or mouth. There are also designs with multiple sprinklers.


Inflatable Bubble Maker


Bubbles will always be something that excites the little ones. The idea of watching and chasing those crystal-clear bubbles excites the kids. These charming bubbles can be incorporated into your inflatables. Aside from sprinkling water, they can also create bubbles. They are relatively much smaller compared to the sprinkler. Some of them are only 2 feet in height. This is for the bubbles to float at a lower level so that kids can enjoy them before they pop. Using it together with the sprinkler or having it as a feature of your pool can help you lessen the sticky feeling when the bubbles dry out on the skin. 


Blow Up Blaster


One of the typical toys you can play within the summer is a water gun. It helps you lessen the heat while having some action. Your weapon can be a squirt gun or a super soaker. It can be played individually or by teams. It is a more dynamic activity compared to just playing with water. Another variation of it is a blow-up blaster. It is a water gun with an inflatable head. Kids will have fun using it because it comes in different characters like sharks, monkeys, and dinosaurs. There is also a design that resembles a rocket. 




Back when you were a kid, you had this specific place where you met with your friends. It can be the treehouse built with them or old storage that was transformed into a secret hideout. And as always, you end up getting scolded for sneaking out. Then, you bring it inside your house with the help of blankets and bedsheets. This is the ultimate sanctuary for kids. They still build things like this in the present. However, it will not be ideal for getting cozy inside the blankets in the summer, or else they will end up sweating. 


Airports will be the answer to this. It is a dome-shaped fabric that gets inflated with a box-type van. It can give you the cooling effect without the presence of water but with the air trapped inside. It only requires a few seconds to get it assembled. It is also lightweight so that you can move it in different parts of the house with ease. You can have it in the bedroom or the living room. 


Inflatable Pools and Floats


Of course, you do not have to forget about the primary inflatables: the pools and floats. They will never be outdated even after many years. They only get innovated each year. From ring donuts, there are pizza-shaped floats these days. You often see toddlers sitting on the duck floats where they can have their legs kicking in the water. Now, they have giant flamingos that kids can ride. Inflatable pools are not only round in shape anymore. Some of them have shades if you do not want to get your kids to bathe in the sun for too long. There are also gigantic ones that have inflatable slides in them.  


Summer is that time of the year that kids look forward to aside from the holidays. During this season, they make the most of their memories with their friends and family. It is when they play and bond with the people they love. You will hear them tell their stories, starting with "last summer" when they return to school. This is why you need to make time for them and make each summer an unforgettable experience for your kids.