DIY How To Make A Floating Water Mat

Do you ever dream of spending a summer day at the lake sunning yourself, doing some water sports, and letting your worries drift away? If so, keep reading to learn how to make your floating water mat! This easy-to-follow DIY project will help any Canadian turn their love for the outdoors into an exciting way to relax on the water. With no special tools needed - just creativity and dedication - you'll be surprised by what this simple activity can do. Whether it's taking in the scenery or putting together a new memory with friends or family members, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting this unique recreational item.

Gather Your Supplies

Building your DIY water mats can be a great way to stay cool in the summer! The process is relatively straightforward and involves gathering a few supplies. To get started, you'll need waterproof foam, plastic coating material (like PVC), and good old-fashioned elbow grease. Once you've gathered everything needed to make your mats, all that's left to do is put it together with some basic DIY know-how. With just a few steps, you'll be ready to dive into DIY fun this summer!

Cut The Foam Into The Desired Shape And Size.

Cutting foam is a key part of the process if you're looking to make DIY water mats. The most important thing when it comes to cutting the foam is taking care to get it right. Measure twice, cut once--that's the best approach! Having a track saw and some tools designed explicitly for foams makes it even easier: then all you need to do is draw a line on your piece of foam where you want to cut, and the blade will take care of the rest. Remember that you should use scissors or an x-acto knife for smaller shapes. Make sure to cut only a little at a time, as this can damage the quality of your DIY water mat.

Seal The Edges Of The Foam With Duct Tape

Make sure to seal the edges of the foam with duct tape properly. Doing so prevents moisture from entering and deteriorating the foam, which can seriously reduce its lifespan. Take particular care when adhering to the edges - gentle presses over the entire length will create a strong bond to keep your water mats lasting as long as possible. It may take a while, but precision pays off in creating durable DIY water mats that make summer days more enjoyable!

Paint Or Decorate Your Mat As Desired

Now that you have built your DIY water mat, it is time to paint or decorate it as desired. You can use fabric paint or acrylics to create unique patterns and designs on the mat's surface. Suppose fabric paint is too permanent for your liking; decoupage a plain sheet of paper with different materials, such as magazine cutouts, tissue papers, yarn scraps, ribbons etc., for an amazing design. For kids' arts and crafts projects, allow them to draw out their designs in color pencils on a paper cutout and glue these onto the mat. For any outdoor activity like picnics or beach outings, it's best to use outdoor paints that can be sprayed or brushed onto your DIY water mats.

Let It Dry Completely

After constructing your DIY water mats, it is important to let them dry completely. This will help preserve the mats' quality and ensure lasting results. If you use cloth or fabric when making DIY water mats, find a good-sized flat surface for drying. Hang drying is also an option if you have a sturdy line with sufficient clearance above and away from any areas that could interfere with the drying process, such as pets or other materials nearby. After giving them plenty of time to dry fully, your DIY water mats will be ready for use!

Inflate Your Mat Using A Pump Or Air Mattress Pump

Inflating a DIY water mat can be a snap with the right tools – a hand or electric pump. Whether you choose a manual or electric solution, inflation of your DIY water mat can be quick and easy using either option. Depending on the size of your DIY water mat and how much air you need to get it ready for use, manual pumps take more elbow grease but have the benefit of no cords or batteries. Electric pumps provide more power with little effort, though they require an additional investment in power cords and batteries. In any case, inflating your DIY water mat is a worthwhile process that you'll only need to do once in a while – make sure to keep it properly stored when not in use!

How To Make Sure That Your Diy Water Mat Will Last A Long Time

When making your DIY water mat, it's important to ensure its quality is sufficient to last a long time. Start using materials like marine canvas, specifically designed for sturdy water use. When sewing the materials together, always opt for a heavy-duty waxed thread. This material is resistant to wear and tear and will ensure that the stitches hold longer. Furthermore, coat all the seams with waterproof sealant to prevent moisture penetration into the fabric. Taking these precautionary steps will help your DIY water mat stand the test of time so you can enjoy its functionality while spending quality time on the water.

Where To Buy Water Mats If You Need More Time And Resources To Make Your Own?

If you want to enjoy the perks of water mats but don’t have the time for a DIY project to make your own, there are a wide selection of quality pre-made water mats you can order to your front door (anywhere in Canada). These are perfect for those who have little experience with DIY projects, as they require no work, no set-up and minimal maintenance. Shopping online is a great option if you know exactly what you need or if convenience is a priority. 

Final Thoughts

Making your DIY water mat can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when you take the time to use quality materials and build them with care. Of course, if you need more resources or time to make your own, plenty of retailers offer pre-made options that may also fit your needs. Whether you make it yourself or buy one from an online store, having access to these types of mats will provide hours of enjoyment on the water while creating lasting memories with friends and family. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start enjoying all that life has to offer!