12 Unique Ideas for DIY Party Floats

Party floats are the ultimate way to make your pool party stand out. From whimsical unicorn and flamingo designs to sleek and stylish sports racing styles, these DIY inflatables will take your gathering from ordinary to extraordinary! In this guide, you'll find all the tips and ideas you need to make your own unique party float.

Create a Giant Unicorn Float.

Turn your gathering into a fantasy-inspired celebration with a one-of-a-kind unicorn float! All you need is an eye-catching patterned vinyl that you can pick up at any craft supply shop, and some colorful accessories like sprinkles, glitter, and faux flowers. Be sure to use plenty of strong adhesive glue to ensure your design lasts through all the splashing!

Inflate a Pool Noodle Hot Air Balloon Float

Not only is this DIY float a great choice for adults, but it’ll also be a huge hit with the kids. Start by cutting off the bottom of your pool noodle, and then use colorful craft paint to decorate the entire balloon shape. Finish up your hot air balloon with string lights and paper stars for added fun! Don’t forget to set up a few extra balloons around the pool area for an unforgettable look.

Construct a Paper Mache Boat Float.

Create a unique boat out of paper mache for your next summer shindig! Firstly, blow up your pool noodle to the desired size and shape. Then cut off the top corner of it to create the boat shape you want. Once the boat is ready, make an easy paper mache paste with flour, water and glue. Once everything is combined dip pieces of newspaper into the mixture and cover your balloon until it takes on the desired boat shape. Finally, decorate with bright colorful paint and set sail on your homemade voyage!

Design a Shark Fin Photobooth Floaty.

Make your next pool party one to remember by creating a unique shark fin photobooth floaty! Start with a large inflatable shark, preferably one with the mouth open. Attach five clear tie-bowns to it evenly spaced out, two at the top and three at the bottom. Fill the inside of the floatee with colorful balls and attach several photos booths props in stick form along with a mini waterproof camera. Finally, tape it all into place, pull back the clear tie-downs and voila - you’re ready for epic swimming selfies!

Craft an Underwater Themed Cake Floaty Tableau.

For the splash of a lifetime, create a cake float tableau unlike any other. Start with an inflatable turtle and attach large strips of fabric to the sides. Fill the turtle’s shell with multicolored balls (or water balloons!) and as many cakes as you expect guests. Place a mini figurine or two on top of the turtle’s head for added detail before inflating your opus. Once ready, bring it all together by connecting its tail to the pool wall and give guests plenty of swim-time to explore your work!